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Spybrary Spy Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

Today, we bring you a spy author interview. Spybrary hosts Shane Whaley and Peter Newman find out more about Charlotte Philby's latest novel, Edith and Kim.

Charlotte also shares memories of her grandfather, Kim Philby, and reveals some interesting responses in the world-famous Spybrary Quickfire...

Mar 26, 2022

We get in our time machine and head for 1956 to review the latest Ian Fleming James Bond 007 novel, Diamonds Are Forever. With David Craggs, author Andy Onyx and Spybrary Host Shane Whaley.

What is the Spybrary James Bond Book Club exactly and what makes it different from other 007 book clubs?

On the James Bond Book...

Mar 19, 2022

And now for something completely different. We just decoded a brush pass from, author Clarke Mayer who shares his thoughts on a spy video game called Metal Gear Solid.