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Spybrary Spy Podcast

Jun 16, 2018

Forever and a Day review by the Spybrary Podcast. Listen to our round table of Bond fans who give you their review of the latest Anthony Horowitz 007 novel

007 is dead. Long live 007. The heavily anticipated James Bond prequel, “Forever and a Day” by Anthony Horowitz is finally out, and Shane has brought together two Bond super-fans to discuss it. If your copy hasn’t arrived yet, fear not! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a spoiler-free round table chat with David Craggs, who joined Shane for Episode #23's Dead Drop 5, and Tom, who runs, and featured in one of Spybrary’s earliest episodes, appropriately, #007.

In exploring this latest edition to the Bond canon, David provides an in-depth comparison of Horowitz's Bond continuation novels to several previous authors of the series. Who captures Fleming’s tone and character the best? Find out why Tom thinks Fleming’s style is so hard to capture.

Does the book follow ‘Bond lore’ accurately?  Shane suggests author Mr Horowitz should hire David to be his Bond expert fact checker as David reveals details that don’t quite match up with established Bond facts! In true Spybrary fashion, David and Tom are not afraid to critique the book's weaknesses at the same time extolling its strengths, which are far more numerous.

With the depth and breadth of knowledge worthy of true Bond aficionados, our panelists take a seriously deep dive into Fleming as an author, intelligence official, and human being. Why are Fleming and le Carre so often compared? How does the character of Bond hold up in today's #metoo era?