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Spybrary Spy Podcast

May 27, 2018

This week, Spybrary Spy Podcast Host Shane Whaley welcomes author and travel writer August Thomas to speak about her debut novel, Liar’s Candle.


Liar’s Candle is set against the backdrop of a terror attack in Ankara, Turkey. In the aftermath, protagonist Penny Kessler embarks upon a pan-European adventure to uncover the perpetrators. Living by her wits, Kessler teams up with Connor Beauregard, a former naval officer with something to prove, as they try to crack the case.

In a delightful, wide-ranging conversation, August and Shane discuss the rarity of women in spy literature, both as authors and substantive characters. They also highlight authors, films, and characters to look out for who buck this trend – not least of which is August herself!

Stay tuned to hear more.