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Spybrary Spy Podcast

Mar 19, 2018


On Episode 31, Professor Penny Fielding of Edinburgh University (and organiser of Edinburgh spy week) told Spybrary listeners that she felt the spy novel with the most convincing female characters is Restless by William Boyd.



Spybrary podcast listener Clarissa Aykroyd has some well documented issues on the portrayal females in spy books.  She loves the work of John le Carre and admits that even his female characters are pretty thin. So she sought out Restless and very kindly brush pass reviewed the novel for us. We have extracted the transmission from the disk that came in the Spybrary diplomatic bag and decoded for you. Just click the play button or listen on these various platforms.

What did Clarissa think of Restless?
What did Clarissa think of the female characters?
Was Professor Fielding right to claim William Boyd's novel is the best spy book when it comes to female characters? Listen in and find out.