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Feb 23, 2018


Spybrary Podcast: Episode 34

With Author MICK HERRON!


In this very special episode of the Spybrary Podcast, Shane turns the mic over to special agent David Craggs (from Episode 23) who interviews award-winning British author Mick Herron about his Slough House spy series. Often called ‘the heir to John le Carré,’ Herron’s popularity and critical acclaim has been (rightly) gathering momentum over the past several years. Spybrary is thrilled to bring you this special one-on-one interview of an author who is sure to be at the top of the best-seller lists for decades to come! No spoilers here, so listen away – even if you haven’t read the series. We’re sure you will want to after hearing this!


Press play and hear Mick Herron reveal…


  • …how and why he shifted from writing crime novels to spy novels.
  • …why ‘failure’ was his inspiration for the series.
  • …why he likes writing from the point of view of flawed, even unlikable, characters.
  • …how real-life events influence his writing.
  • …what is next for the Slough House series.
  • Spybrary contributor Jeff Quest tracked down the actual Slough House (check out the photo of Slough House here!)


  • Hear Mick read from his latest novel in the Slough House series, London Rules. (Bonus points if you catch the reference to Homer’s Odyssey).
  • A Slough House TV adaptation is in the works: David and Mick discuss potential casting.
  • Shane returns to interrogate Mick in the Quick Fire round – find out the author’s favorite spy novel!