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Oct 29, 2017

We talk all about the British Cult Classic TV show 'The Prisoner' starting Patrick McGoohan on today's  Spybrary Spy Podcast

You are a number, but it is not Number 6, you are number 22 as this is the number of this weeks Spybrary Podcast episode.

Today we are going to do something a little different. As regular listeners know the reason I cannot put out a weekly show is that I insist on reading the book of a guest before we chat.  I think it makes for a much better conversation, after all this is podcasting not cable news..ouch!

So I have an admission.

I have never watched the iconic tv show ‘The Prisoner.’ I know, a bit embarrassing for someone like me who loves the spy niche and especially 60s/70s spy shows. I think I saw the odd clip of it as a kid and put it in the Dr Who category of weird and disturbing.

(The Prisoner comes up a lot in our listener discussion group on facebook. If you are interested in extra bonus content to the podcast then check out our group on

So I asked in our group who wants to come on the show and tell us more about The Prisoner. I have a stack of DVDs to catch up on this winter so my viewing time is at a premium. Matthew Kresal who featured on Episode 12 of our spy podcast has volunteered to get into the hot seat here at Spybrary and tell us more about the Prisoner.