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Spybrary Podcast

May 20, 2017

Jack Barsky, the ex KGB undercover spy continues to share with us his story of life as a Russian Spy in the USA with Spy Podcast Spybrary

Listen to Part 2 of our interview and learn:

  • Which national figure did the KGB want Barksy to get close to and spy on?
  • How did Jack Barsky cope with the loneliness of being a spy?
  • Was Barsky afraid of getting caught?
  • How did he communicate with Moscow Center?
  • Why did the KGB put him on a Concorde?
  • What instructions did the KGB give Barksy if he was ever caught by the FBI?
  • Which Spy novelist does Barsky say is the most realistic of all spy writer?
  • Which book on the East German Stasi does he recommend we all read?
  • What signal did the KGB leave for Barsky on his daily commute to tell him his cover was blown and to drop everything and get out of the USA?
  • Why did Barsky defy the KGB to stay in the US?
  • What chilling threat was whispered into his ears by the KGB on the platform for the A train in NYC?
  • How Jack Barsky knows the KGB bought his 'big lie' for why he could not return to the KGB and the Soviet Union?
  • About the day he was apprehended by the FBI?
  • What lengths the FBI went to over 3 years in order to catch him?
  • How a row with his wife gave the FBI all they needed to apprehend him?

And Much More!!!